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Oasis Mini (Shipping in 2 weeks)

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Oasis Mini is a Calming, Captivating, Kinetic Art Canvas. A small ball rolls silently through sand carving patterns in its wake. Pause, Relax, and Re-Center with Oasis Mini. Join 20,000+ other people by pre-ordering yours. 

We launched Oasis Mini in June on Kickstarter and have raised nearly $2 million in pre-orders to date! We're preparing to ship the first units now, but we have a lot of pre-orders to get through, so there's a bit of a wait.

We'll consistently post updates on the progress of the pre-orders on our blog, and those of you who pre-order will also receive the updates via email. We expect the price of Oasis Mini to increase when pre-orders end, so don't wait!

  • Diameter: 9" (234mm)
  • Height: 3" (76mm)
  • Power: USB C Cable and Wall Block Included
  • Sound: Whisper Quiet
  • Control: Free iOS and Android app

Endless Possibilities

Hundreds of free patterns to enjoy!

You Deserve Relaxation

Oasis Mini makes you feel more relaxed while staying engaged with your self and your senses. A welcome improvement to mindless scrolling.

Oasis Mini on a bedside table while a girl calmly watches it
Pause + Relax


Life gets stressful, and we all need some mental space from time to time.

A ball rolls silently through sand...

Leaving captivating patterns in its path. What does the thought of sand evoke for you? I think of beaches glittering in the sunlight. I think of mighty castles that were washed away almost as quickly as they were built. It's a beautiful medium but an impermeant one. Everything made with it eventually flows back to rejoin something greater.

iOS + Android

Simple App Control

An always free mobile app lets you customize your experience. Choose from a library of free patterns, adjust the lights, create playlists, upload your own designs.

Renders of the Oasis Mini iOS and Android app
A butterfly being drawn on an iPad and then carved in sand using Oasis Mini

Canvas for Creativity

Let sand be your new artistic medium. Create your own patterns to use with Oasis Mini. Tutorials coming soon!


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