Over 1,000 Oasis Minis Delivered. Over 10,000 Made

Over 1,000 Oasis Minis Delivered. Over 10,000 Made

Hi Everyone. Zach here from the Oasis Mini team with the latest project update. We recently received a new batch of 600 Oasis Minis and have completed delivery of those to Kickstarter backers! That brings the total number of Oasis Minis shipped to over 1000. The feedback from backers has been too kind, and our team was ecstatic to hear that people have been enjoying their Minis. We’ve put together a small collage of some of the feedback below. 

1000 Oasis Minis only puts a small dent in all of the orders. Fortunately, over 6000 more have quite literally “shipped” out and are on container ships en route to our distribution warehouses, and another 4000 are in the final packaging stages. 

We understand the wait has been challenging, but we’re in the home stretch now! Container ships typically take about six weeks to reach our distribution warehouses. I did ask our freight partner if we could use faster boats, and while they appreciated the enthusiasm, they assured us that we’re using the fastest ocean freight routes available.

New Features: 

We released a suite of new features for everyone to enjoy this week including: 

  • An in-app onboarding tutorial
  • Significant noise reductions
  • The ability to allow friends and family to control your Oasis Mini from their device
  • Custom patterns! We’ve just released the first tutorial here if you’re interested. 

And there’s a lot more coming on the horizon, including download speed improvements and many new patterns. This project update is a bit shorter as we’ve entered stable production and the remaining effort is focused on getting the Oasis Minis from our manufacturer to your door. You’ve all been very patient and given us great feedback throughout this process, and we’re hopeful that when your Oasis Mini arrives you’ll feel it was well worth the wait. 

As always, please reach out with any questions, comments, or if you just want to chat.