An App Walkthrough, Unboxing, and Shipping Update

An App Walkthrough, Unboxing, and Shipping Update

Hi Everyone. I hope the New Year has started well for all of you. We have much to share in this update including an app walkthrough, a shipping update, and an unboxing teaser at the end

App Walkthrough

One thing that we admittedly underestimated was the difficulty of ensuring an easy-to-set-up and stable wifi connection for all users. We’ve had two developers working on this full-time for several months, and we think we’ve got it! This is one of the main things we’re looking for feedback from our beta testers on. Here’s a short preview of the app from connection to running the first pattern.

The core features of the app are good to go. We’ll be adding a coat of paint and polish to the existing UI and then adding more and more features for all of you to enjoy. 


We estimated April shipping for all of you, and that's still on time! New orders purchased on our site will ship in May, but if you ordered before today, February 1st, then you're good to go for April delivery!

In the next two weeks, we'll be delivering the first 500 production units to Kickstarter backers. We're excited to see their feedback, and we'll share it with all of you in the next update. 


Each Oasis Mini will come individually packaged and protected by an eco-friendly paper pulp insert and a hefty piece of foam. When you open the box, you’ll find a teaser image of one of our favorite patterns with quick-start instructions on the back. You’ll also find the sand rake, a pre-measured packet of sand, and the USB C cable + power brick. 

One thing we want to show you is the process we came up with for removing the glass. The glass is flush with the top of Oasis Mini both because we think it looks nice and because it keeps pets (and small children) at bay. The included sand rake fits into a notch towards the rear of the device that helps you to easily lift and remove the glass.

That’s all for this update! As always, please get in touch if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat.